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    This morning I woke up to the soft snoring sounds of this duo:

    The only thing that would be missing to describe an average morning for us these days is the other half of the bed. Where I would be sleeping, half-reclined, with S2 snuggled under my arm.

    G’s been coming in, in the early mornings, carrying his friends, and last week, even a pillow (as if we didn’t have enough). It’s not that restful of sleep for us (especially S) since he still thrashes around a lot and does things like … sleep sideways. S has to constantly wrestle him back on the bed so he doesn’t fall off. Observe his well stretched arm cupping G’s butt — it’s his sleep state of protection.

    I’m shocked that with all the photos I took this morning and my flash going off they didn’t wake up. But they’re sure cute though, no? Even with all the crusty nose boogies 🙂

    2 responses to “Sleepyheads”

    1. Ariel says:

      I could have taken a photo just like this today. Riley crawled into our bed at 5am for an extra hour and half of sleep. I love those mornings!

    2. Kelle says:

      oh my! that is soooo sweet. funny that i didnt even notice the boogies til i read that part. i so wish i could go back to that stage. it wasn’t too fun when i was experiencing the sleepless nights of a toddler and a baby, but i would give just about anything to get that time back. thanks for sharing.

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