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    Sleep update

    Since I whined about G’s latest sleep habits,  it’s only fair I follow-up with an update.

    Overall? Things are good. Not 100% back to normal, but a lot better than the clingy, cry-ie mess we had on our hands.

    The second night we had no tears. At all. He just stood up in his crib until story time was over. I kind of had to talk him into sitting down, and later lying down, but he got the program. It got progressively easier with each night since. We’re now down to 1 story, and 1 song. I sit in the glider until he snoozes, but I do so in silence. He occasionally pops up his head like a prairie dog to make sure I’m still there, but it’s working.

    The next step is to put him down, read, sing and just get up and walk away while he falls asleep on his own. We’ll get there soon enough though.

    5 responses to “Sleep update”

    1. becoming-mom says:

      Wow, one story and song? You’re way ahead of us.. I have to read at LEAST 6 books and sing about 6 short songs. Well, he’s not so attached to the songs, but the books are another story. Before I’ve even finished the last page of one book he’s arleady saying “Books!” to make sure there’s going to be another one.

      At least though he does go to sleep on his own. When I put him in bed he pops his head up and says “mommy!” and I say “what baby” and then he says “byeeeeee”. So cute 🙂

      But anyway, glad to hear you’ve had some improvement with your new plan!

      • avalikelava says:

        Aaaw! I’d love a “byeeeee”. That is too sweet.
        BTW, G does the “Book!” and “More” when the book is done, but that’s when I turn off the light and get into the singing bit. I’ve had a really crappy cold all week, and my voice has been going out. (It sure makes a lovely singing companion to an already bad voice ;p ) The one book deal & song was partly a result that I just couldn’t keep going.

    2. Shane says:

      I only pull off 1-3 books from his shelf for bed time reading. And when I’m done w/ one book i drop it behind our rocker so he can’t see it. So when we’re done and he says “Books” – I say “no more books for tonight”. he used to point to the ones on the floor – that’s why they go behind the rocker now.

    3. Grammie says:

      Oh my I have had such fond memories of rocking him and singing. Do you do that? I mean rock him? I am a Grammie that is addicted to rocking!!!

      • avalikelava says:

        No Grammie, no more rocking 🙁
        As much as I’d like to, rocking got us in trouble so we’re trying to break the habit. Maybe he’ll let us rock him for a bit and put him down later.

        He woke up last night (probably from a bad dream) and it killed me not to pick him up and hold him back to sleep. I just rubbed his back to let him know I was there, and I pulled up the rocking chair and slept next to him in it. Once he was assured I was there, he went back to sleep.

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