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    (School) Picture Day

    Do you remember Picture Day from school? I won’t date myself here, but as it’s been awhile, I had completely forgotten all about it… until G started at his new daycare. Since the new digs are part of the public school district, even the infant/toddler class gets their “mug-shots” taken for Picture Day. The other day, S brought home the proofs.

    They’ve gotten pretty fancy, I must say. I remember being placed in front of a blue background, which only helped the “deer in the headlights” look I invariably acquired as the flash went off in my face. The result? Years of terrible ID and year-book pictures. Of course it never helped that I never could remember when picture day was coming, so I invariably wore the wrong thing, or had a pimple, or bad haircut. I’ll spare you (well.. really… ME) the embarrassing images, ‘kay?
    G on the other hand gets the nice foliage background with a little bridge to troll over. Cute, no? Although, I will say that he seems to have inherited his mom’s “deer in the headlights” look when it comes to that final snap. Oh, Child, I pity your high-school photo future!

    My favorite photo in the set was that of G’s class. Yes, yes, the pictures of him are adorably cute, but for some reason the plain photo of all his classmates and teachers is so much more rewarding to me. No, I don’t know all the kids’ names (I know — bad parent over here — I blame it on the fact that G’s the 2nd kid to show up at school, and I leave before the others arrive), but it’s neat to see who he interacts with during his day. Unfortunately, not all the teachers are in the photo, which is a bummer.

    P.S. Psst — It’s illegal for me to scan these, but you won’t tell… right?

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    1. becoming-mom says:

      So cute, ours are at the end of the month and I’m totally excited.. I love the cheesy backdrop look that screams “I am a school picture!” just for the nostalgia value! Pure awesomeness. G looks adorable 🙂

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