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    School picture day

    Last month, G’s daycare had their fall school picture day. I’ll be honest: all I wanted was a print of G’s class, but I felt like I needed to support the effort of the photographer, so I bought 3 of the prints. Also out of pure professional curiosity, I hung out the day of just to see the set-up, how the photographer interacted with the kids, and all that good stuff.

    I think G’s expressions tell the story of how I felt. He’s just not used to having to pose for photos. Other than our monthly sticker pictures (for which S had to jump around like a fool to get some good smiles) I really try to capture G being who is, at that moment in time. Here goes.

    “Did you take the photo yet?”

    “I’m sitting here by a river. With a basket of fake apples. And a monkey.”

    This was the photo I ultimately really wanted. His class.

    (PS. Yes, I know scanning these is a no-no, but I don’t plan to make any reproductions of them, so… shhh, don’t tell on me)

    2 responses to “School picture day”

    1. Jen Davis-Wilson says:

      Ah, I see the company who does your daycare photos is the same that does ours.

      They are remarkably good at taking a kid (like Jack) who is normally happy to smile at any camera, and capturing a “Duhhh, huh?” expression.

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