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    Guess who saw the dentist yesterday?

    That would be G. He’s been due for an appointment for awhile. He has almost all his primary teeth (with the exception of the 2-year molars), so I figured it was high time someone checked out his pearly whites.

    Advice on when to schedule a dentist appointment is all over the place: I’ve heard “first tooth”, “two years”, “three years”. I even called a pediatric dentist office earlier this year, and they said to wait until he turned 2. Well, here we are.

    First off, overall, Little Man did awesome! He was super serious sitting down on Daddy’s lap in the dental chair, but didn’t cry when the dentist approached or touched him. He didn’t like having to lie down in her lap, nor getting his teeth flossed, but the appointment went SO much better than I expected.

    What he DID enjoy was brushing the teeth of the stuffed animals in the room after his check-up was done. They had a huge pink stuffed bunny, and a big stuffed kangaroo, and he was happy to share his newly acquired toothbrush with those guys. I will say the Mr. Kanga (the roo) was a bit eerie looking (look left) with a mouthfull of teeth, but G seemed to like him.

    The bad news is that we’re definitely looking into some hefty orthodontia for this kid. I was hoping that his overlapping front teeth were just a cute quirk that would go away after his permanent teeth come in, but as it turns out he inherited S’ wee-little jaws. There’s a good chance he’ll need some teeth removed and braces. Dr. A suggested that in addition to his college fund we kick off an orthodontia fun. Joy!

    Next appointment is in 6 months.

    PS: I’m happy to report that THIS healthcare provider’s last name DOESN’T start with an M. Between my OB, G’s pedi, my chiro, I’m getting tired of M’s.

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