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    S2 vs the pushpin

    My littlest dude is on a mission to have me prematurely go gray. He has derived a fun little game for himself that he calls ‘Guess what I just put in my mouth?’ Clearly winner gives mom a heart attack.

    Last Monday morning (because I can’t find the time to sit down and write this) S proceeded to take G to school and S2 and I stayed behind, since we had a pedi appointment for duder’s 1st year checkup.
    We were in the master suite, me getting dressed and S2 playing on the floor of the office. While not child-proof entirely, our office is not an unsafe place. Except that morning. That would be the day that S2 decided he needed to go over daddy’s bank records. The bank records sitting on top of the filing cabinet. The bank records that were weighted down by a paperweight. A paperweight that just so happens to have a little well for storage of little knock-knacks. A well that just do happened to contain several push-pins, that were placed there so long ago one had forgotten they were even there. Well… with S2 yanking the paperwork off the cabinet, the paper-weight came down too, spilling the push-pins on the carpet (hence me hearing nothing). So now I see a toddler waddling off proudly with papers in his hands. I pull them away and return them to the filing cabinet. To see the spilled push-pins. Thinking ‘Where did these come from?’ and ‘I need to pick these up before S2 comes back here trying to take them’ I proceed to pick up about a dozen pins. And as I turn around what do I see? S2 trying to shove a push-pin in his mouth. I hadn’t seen him already in possession of one as he was hiding it in his fist while clutched around the paper. When I took the paper away, I didn’t think to inspect the palms of his hands. So here I sat trying to figure out if there was more than one pin in his possession and if any had already made it down the hatch.
    Lemme give you a word of advice: Don’t search online for ‘I think my child swallowed a pushpin’. Just don’t! It’s not good.
    So I called the pedi’s office and awaited a call from the nurse. She assured me that (at his age) if he had swallowed it I’d know it, but just to be safe to come in (which we were already planning to do) and to bring the offending pin with us.

    In summary: S2 is safe. He finds it funny that I can no longer get dressed without constantly staring at him. Apparently being a parent means automatically becoming a nudist and exhibitionist. And white haired.

    One response to “S2 vs the pushpin”

    1. libby says:

      When I am getting dressed now if its quiet I run nekked through the house looking for the kids since the last time it was quiet I had a little boy with a new haircut.

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