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    S2 is now 2

    Ah, little peanut. You are now 2. I think back to where we were a year ago, and it’s amazing to see how much you’ve changed, and how we’ve all grown with you.

    Today you are…

    – 28.5lb of pure monkey business

    – Fearless. I call you and your brother Monkey See and Monkey Do for a reason. Anything he does you believe you can… and should do. You jump into things head first (sometimes literally) and don’t look back. Occasionally you’ll listen at the screams trailing you to stop. I hope this trait will serve you well in your adulthood… but within reason. And please try not to shorten my lifespan by freaking me out too much.

    – Caring. You have great empathy for a little guy. You bring ‘lubies’ or ice packs when your brother is hurt. You give great hugs. You cry when others around you are scared. You’re awesome that way.

    – A picky eater. I don’t know if this is because of how long your chompers have taken to coming in, but you like soft foods, preferably of the pure variety. Yogurt is a staple, as is oatmeal, and these days peanut-butter, by the spoonful. But offered more solid (besides the breakfasts/snacks you are used to) is usually a no-go. We’ll keep offering, but I swear I’ll take a vacation to Mexico with you, just to light fireworks the day you eat a full meal of “real” food with us. And no, pizza doesn’t count.

    – A water junkie. Really! You LOOOVE to swim. When you’re in water, it’s pure joy for you. Sometimes I worry you’ll drink the whole pool whenever we’re at swim class, but you are so happy in that element.

    – Funny. You have your own sense of humor, but a humor none-the-less. You’ll fit in just fine out here in our home, and I’m excited for the fun conversations we’ll be having within another year.

    – Still working on your speech. Since your ear tubes have come in, you’ve made an impressive leap in your verbalization. Still not quite where you could be, but I know the year ahead will be huge.

    – Clean hands kinda guy. A bit of a surprise this is, but you don’t like getting your hands dirty. Literally. You’ll come to me to wipe the littlest grit off your hands.

    – Still an early bird. You sleep until 6:10 now. 6:20 when you sleep-in. I know people are at their best in the morning, but mommy’s at her best after another 30-90 min of sleep past this. Just sayin’!

    You love:

    – trains (or choo-choos as you call them)
    – monkeys (MONHEEEE)
    – yogurt
    – peanut-butter. Really, you DO eat with straight up, plan with just a spoon
    – books and being read to
    – baths, showers and pools. I’m sure as it starts to rain this season, puddles won’t be far behind this list.

    It’s exciting to see what this next year will bring. Happy birthday, kiddo!

    [vimeo http://vimeo.com/52384100]

    2 responses to “S2 is now 2”

    1. Kimberly says:

      Happy birthday, darling boy!

    2. Wendy says:

      Love, LOVE, love! Happy birthday Storm!

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