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    On the hunt for a yellow umbrella

    One of G’s classmates brought her umbrella to school today. Practical? Sure. Also a bane in the existence of a parent whose child does NOT have an umbrella. Why? Because all G could talk about on the drive home was how HE wanted an umbrella of his own. A yellow one.

    I’ll be honest, actually having an umbrella for him is, in fact, kind of practical. So I told him that I would look for one the next day. Except that after we got home, he went nuts. Apparently the concept of “tomorrow” doesn’t exist in a toddler’s vocabulary. Tomorrow meant today, and more specifically, NOW. Normally I’d deal with the tantrum that was brewing, but given that it was early enough in the evening, S2 had just been fed and was quietly napping, I decided to take G on a shopping spree and get him his yellow umbrella.

    You’d think that finding an umbrella during rain season would be easy. Well… not so much. Ok, finding an umbrella itself isn’t difficult, but finding a YELLOW umbrella as it turns out, is. A yellow, CHILDREN-sized umbrella? Impossible. We went to two stores tonight (Safeway and Walgreens), which in the past have had these adorable ducky-handle umbrellas. I thought, they for sure would have what I need. Not so much. Not even anything in yellow.

    So we came home empty handed. G was placated by me showing him Dad’s blue umbrella, but I know I am now on a mission tomorrow to get him the darn yellow one.

    Now where do I find this golden goose?

    4 responses to “On the hunt for a yellow umbrella”

    1. Michelle says:

      I could have sworn I saw a yellow bumble bee umbrella at Stride Rite here at the mall in Pleasanton.

      • avalikelava says:

        I will call our local one too. Here are some stores I will be contacting today:
        Ten Toes, Talbot’s, Stride Rite, Payless, KMart (I was told they might carry them), Chilren’s Place, & Target. Hopefully I won’t have to exhaust this whole list.

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