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    Ok, who can teach me the Vulcan nerve pinch?

    It’s actually kind of a serious question. You see, G is trying to drop his sole nap at home with us. And I’M NOT READY!!!

    In lieu of nap-time I’m trying to institute quiet time. However, quiet time, when we leave G alone produced him grabbing everything he could reach out of his closet and throwing it out in the hallway. He was making a “tower”.

    Oh and here is Daddy trying to “model” good napping behavior. The result? S got a good nap in. G on the other hand, again decided to build a tower. This time out of books… over the Daddy.


    5 responses to “Ok, who can teach me the Vulcan nerve pinch?”

    1. BecomingMom says:

      Oh, nooooooooo! That’s SO not ok! I will seriously mourn the day Jasper drops his nap!

    2. Rebecca says:

      Sorry, no advice, only sympathy. James gave them up on his 2nd birthday and I never did figure out how to make quiet time happen except for letting him watch a show, sigh…

      • avalikelava says:

        Rebecca, I’ve been thinking about you a lot these days with the whole “no nap” thing. I can’t imagine having 2 kids that don’t nap all day long. We NEED that mid-day breather. I’m a bit in denial that nap-time might be going away. I’m hoping this is just a phase and he’ll go back to sleeping for 2 hours soon. Otherwise, there will be a period of mourning like Ariana mentioned 🙂

    3. Kelle says:

      i am not laughing AT you, i am laughing WITH you! Georgie too, gave up naps early (before age 2) and after having one that napped for 2 hours until he was 5… i was not ready either. but at least it should make for easier bedtime, right? cute video, BTW

    4. Rebecca says:

      Luckily, Heidi’s back to napping. She did the no nap thing off and on (would only nap in my lap) for a couple weeks, but now she’ll usually nap an hour or two in her room again. The big girl bed helped, it’s easier to put her down without waking her up, the crib made it impossible. And now James is old enough to enforce a quiet time while she sleeps (even though he won’t go in his room alone, he’s got some fear of being alone thing going right now.. sigh, it’s always something). If you find a way to get G to do quiet time I’ll be very interested in the details… I’ve been thinking about weaning lately, but then I’d have no way to get her to nap =(

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