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    Oh, Ice Cream — where have you been this whole time?

    Last week, after a nice warm spell (thank you Indian Summer!), I decided that it was time to introduce G to ice cream. I’ve been relaxing some of my food rules of late and thought that it would be good to give him some frozen yummy goodness. To be fair it wasn’t “real” ice cream — it was soft-served frozen yogurt, but none-the-less, fullfilled the frozen sugary treat purpose.

    Verdict? Major win!

    G got over the first taste of coldness and kept coming back for more. He had his little vanilla taste (which if you’ve ever been to Yummi Yogurt know that it’s big enough for a small serving) and then proceeded to help S and I with the one we were trying to split.

    Well, at least now 3 of us can split the calories.


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