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    Note to self

    Note to self: pureed carrots are not the best breakfast food for toddlers. This is because:

    1. Toddler will insist on a spoon of their own that they can “help” feed themselves with
    2. Toddler will dip said spoon in said carrot puree and then fling it in your general direction
    3. Toddler will realize that puree floor drizzle art is a lot of fun
    4. While orange (color of carrots) and blue (color of shirt) are contrasting colors, they do not look good together in the above stated texture/format

    … at least it’s Hump Day of a short week.

    2 responses to “Note to self”

    1. Shane says:

      Do you still have a ‘backup’ shirt in the car or at work?

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