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    My son is quite domesticated

    We had a playdate with Special-K last night. It’s been so amazing watching these two grow up around each other. They went from not realizing/caring the other was in the room to now interacting with each other. G chases after her yelling out her name, and I get a saccharine lump in my stomach.

    Last night though, I found it amusing that G’s played at K’s house with the following activities:

    • The play-kitchen, by washing his hands (and also instructing everyone around him to do so too) and then warming up milk and the like
    • Pushing K’s baby in a little doll stroller
    • Mopping the floors with a toy mop

    What was K doing meanwhile? She had her bag and went off to work. So yeah, K went off to work, while my son was chasing after her with a baby doll in stroller. It made me go “Huh!” I can’t promise any partner in his future that he will continue to have these domesticated desires, but I will say that if my son and his chosen one are financially able to have one of them being a stay at home parent, I’ll be proud of him if they made the choice for him to stay home.

    Now…. any tips on how to get him to mop OUR house?

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