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    Movie Monday: Wee!

    And when I say “Wee!” I’m really only repeating after G : it seems to be his new expression. S moved the swing from our back yard to inside our house. He rigged it up under our stairs. The man is brilliant, what can I say. G had the saddest expression staring at his swing getting wet on our latest stretch of rainy days, so S moved it in. My contribution to the swing contraption was the addition of a rope so I can sit on the couch and still swing the boy. Sure, you may think “Lazy!”, but I think “Look, I can fold laundry AND keep my kid happy at the same time”

    No, you don’t get the “Wee!” on this video, but you can see the stair/swing in action 🙂


    Mr. C at daycare has been teaching G to do knuckles. He’s got the “Hi-5!” mastered and has moved on to cooler expressions of male bonding. However, because he knows the camera is for your benefit, and he’s no trained monkey, you don’t get to see it either. ARG!

    Now HERE is a good “Wee!”. But you have to wait ’till the end.


    G can also throw a mean ball (also spoon, piece of chicken, or any object). He has excellent accuracy when hurling things at your head. Here’s G playing catch with my dad… and hitting me square in the cheek-bone with a tennis ball. No, I don’t have a bruise, but I’d be shocked if by the end of this year I don’t have a black eye on account of my kid.


    2 responses to “Movie Monday: Wee!”

    1. Rebecca says:

      Love the ball throwing one. Quite an impressive arm on that one =)

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