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    Movie Monday (Aka Brush’em, Brush’em, Brush’em)

    AKA Miracle of Miracles!!! This is G brushing his teeth. Miraculous for two reasons:

    1. he’s doing it himself (well… sorta)
    2. he’s tolerating a toothbrush in his mouth!!!

    Yeah, this is the child that just spit out any toothbrush offered to him. And yet, here we are with him thinking this is fun. I actually give full credit to my new dentist for this. At my last appointment she gave me an electric toothbrush for the munchkin. Shaped like a fire-truck, thank you very much. So G out of curiosity let it in… and he let it stay. Now we tag team brushing teeth. I go in first w/ the firetruck, and he follows up with his little brush.

    The other day when S and G went up to G’s room for a didy change, they were upstairs for awhile. When I asked what happened, S told me they had to take a detour to the bathroom because G wanted to brush his teeth!

    Ok, ok, in reality he just likes to suck the water of the bristles, but there is some contact with his teeth and it’s a good first step.

    Thank you new DDS!


    4 responses to “Movie Monday (Aka Brush’em, Brush’em, Brush’em)”

    1. becoming-mom says:

      sooo cute! Jasper LOVES his toothbrush (boothbrush as he says) but in reality he really just likes the toothpaste! I actually use teethbrushing as a bribe to get him to let me change his diaper. He keeps asking for “more” by which he means more toothpaste. It also helps that it has elmo on it 🙂

    2. Kimberly says:

      That’s adorable!!! James loves to brush his teeth, too (with or without the toothpaste). Light-up toothbrushes are a hit with him. 🙂 I do use the Jason/Earth’s Best baby toothpaste… no fluoride, super gentle, strawberry banana flavored. 🙂

    3. Christa says:

      I can’t get over how much G has grown up!! He’s so cute!

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