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    More room for ME!

    In the section of our living room that is G’s play area we have two ottomans we got from Target a few months back. They help us contain his toys, so that our living space didn’t appear to be 100% invaded by a 2.5′ munchkin. Also, extra seating space is never a bad thing. Well, it appears that G has found a new function for them: hiding spot.

    Yesterday evening, while G and I were waiting on S to get home, I observed him carelessly tossing the contents from one of the ottomans out onto the floor. Little did I know, he was making room… for himself to climb in. And climb in he did. He played in that thing for awhile too, enjoying every moment of it. I sat there thinking “What are the chances he’ll sit in there long enough for me to take a picture?” Well, apparently he did.

    The fun part of this was me fiddling with the camera so I could take a decent photo. It was too dark, so I had to play with the settings. Still too blurry. I ran across the hall to to turn on more light, still too blurry. I got out my external flash. Blurry again! Then I gave in and just turned my camera onto Manual mode, with the flash still attached and finally success. In all this scrambling I was thinking “He’s so gonna get tired of this and move on and I won’t have proof for his dad!” Well, apparently I was wrong.

    Oh, and in case you’re curious this is how he got out. While he gracefully stepped over the ledge to get in, he went head-first to get out. Never a dull moment, I say.

    4 responses to “More room for ME!”

    1. becoming-mom says:

      oh my god I can’t believe you got the shot of him falling out! Brilliant 🙂

    2. Grammie says:

      I can’t wait to get there. I laughed outloud

    3. Kirsten says:

      My favorite is the second one where he is observing his kingdom!

    4. Justina says:

      Hello! Just came across your blog… G’s so cute, and the way he got out! Reminds me of how my baby goes head down when trying to get off the mattress onto the floor!

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