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    Mama, I wanna play bongos

    So… I may or may not have committed a mistake in my attempts to teach G about rhythm and music. You see my son now wants to play the bongos. This on it’s own would be a pretty cool thing… except he wants to play the butt bongos.

    G and I like to wrestle (probably more so than S and he do). Some time ago, in one of our wrestling matches I flipped G over my lap and told him I wanted to play the bongoes and I proceeded to drum on his tushie. He thought it was the funniest thing ever. Of course this results in experiences like tonight, when G runs into our bedroom, saying “Mama, I wanna play bongos. I wanna play bongos on your tushie.” Awesomeness!

    I guess our next lesson needs to be on boundaries and whose bongos he’s allowed to play. It would probably be inappropriate for him to show off these music skills at daycare, huh?

    One response to “Mama, I wanna play bongos”

    1. Wendy says:

      Too Funny!

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