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    Look who’s cooking now

    You know what? Childproofing kitchen cabinets is much easier said than done. Either the childproof locks we have aren’t very good — or our cabinets are especially made for parental torture.

    S had to get creative in locking 3 of our cabinets (the ones that contain things like mandolyns and like sharp objects), but we have a few drawers that are out of the childproofing rhealm. The one with the pots I can handle: I mean how much trouble can G get in with a pot? Unless he decides to go hunting rabbit in the backyard by hitting it over the head with a pan, there’s not much I can complain about. The spice drawer on the other hand? Not my favorite child-toy.

    Not only does G LOOOVE the spice rack, but he has learned to unscrew the tops off the little spice jars. I came into the kitchen today (where S was making dinner and G was “helping”) to find all my whole cloves on the floor. G was proudly standing over them. I guess he was getting ready to make a brine? I took a deep sigh and moved on. G then decided to gather up the cloves and throw them in the trash. Well, after the floor soup, I wasn’t going to use them again so I suppose he was kind of assisting with disposal.

    THEN he decided to help me clean up. He stole the broom from me and brushed all the cloves under a cabinet I can’t reach anymore.

    I guess our vacuum cleaner will be smelling pretty.

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