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    I can swing for hours

    Remember the swing G got from his Auntie K for his birthday? Well, it’s still a big hit at our house. The rainy weather though produced one pitiful toddler who would point to his swing through the living room glass doors. So S had the bright idea to bring the swing inside. The man is brilliant from time to time. He got some heavy-duty rope and tied it through the stair-way. Now G can swing to his heart’s content whenever he feels like it. It’s been awesome! It’s also been a big hit at play-dates, and I might I add has inspired a few other friends to look at indoor swing solutions.

    When G was home sick with the ickiness that was Hand, Foot & Mouth, having his swing was so nice. It gave him a little bit of happiness to what was otherwise a sorrowful week.

    My contribution to the staircase swing? The attachment of a rope, so I can pull G while sitting on the couch. Sure, it’s lazy parenting, but it’s also a convenient way to keep a kid happy while you need to finish other chores, like fold laundry and the like.

    2 responses to “I can swing for hours”

    1. Kelle says:

      the gift that keeps on giving!!!

    2. augiechang says:

      love how you are playing with shutter speed control 🙂

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