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    Headbangers’ Ball

    When G gets mad he throws tantrums. Occasionally, G’s tantrums involve him banging his head on something: typically the hardest surface in proximity he could find. We’ve tried to discourage this, and redirect his mortification to a soft surface (like the couch, or the carpet), but not getting the desired effect, he always goes back to the door, or table, or whatever.

    Don’t ask me why he does this. His “You’re not giving me what I want!” pain converts to “Man, this hurts (physically)!” pain pretty quickly. Sometimes it’s kind of humorous to watch (does this make me a mean mommy?). Thankfully he’s been weaning himself off the head-injury incidents and they’re happening less and less.

    Except for yesterday. Yesterday at daycare (yes, this is a second-hand story), G got mad and proceeded to bang his head on the cabinet. Little Z, who is just a few months younger than G, having observed this dramatic display, approached G. Looking at him curiously, he decided to give head-banging a shot, so standing next to G on the cabinet, he too began hitting his head. Unlike G, however, Z figured out head-banging wasn’t really all that much fun, so he went back to whatever he was doing.
    G meanwhile was uneffected. Sigh, he didn’t even appreciate the flattery of imitation.

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