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    Hand, foot & Mouth strikes again

    This has not been my week!

    – 1 generally cranky toddler (4 tantrums by 10am and a very short nap made for a loooong Sunday)

    – 1 flat tire. Miss 1/2 a work day resolving it

    – 1 stripped lug-nut/bolt discovered because of flat tire. Miss another 1/2 a work day resolving that

    – 1 kid diagnosed with HFMD. Again. Miss likely 2 days of work

    – oh, and one dad who got shipped out of state on Sunday for a work trade show

    The tire situation, while not terrible seemed to go down-hill fast, but it made me absent from work at a pretty sensitive time. The lug nut I tried to fix on my own, but once I realized it was the bolt that was also stripped I faced the music and went to the repair shop.

    Then yesterday on my way to daycare, Ms. S called to let me know that G, and a few other kids in his room, had white bumps on their tongue. So off to the pediatrician we went, and he was diagnosed with Hand, Foot & Mouth. My favorite!!! Since G just had it in April, there’s a good chance it’s a mild case. Also, the doc couldn’t tell if G was at the start of it, or at the tail end of it. Pretty much we’re home today on spot watch. If the spots don’t get any worse, then he’s free to go back to daycare tomorrow. Otherwise, it looks like a fun-filled week-end, cooped up at home, with a worsening toddler. I am NOT looking forward to this! Last time G was a pitiful mess. Fussy, in pain. I felt SO terrible for him, especially since there was nothing I could do to help. There are no meds and the yuckies just have to run their course. However, I foresee lots of Jamba Juice visits over the next few days. He likes the oatmeal, and smoothies are soft. They will hopefully not irritate the mouth sores, and the cold smoothie could also numb them a bit.

    The part that’s made this harder is the fact that S has been out of town too. It makes me really, REALLY admire parents who care for their children often unsupported.

    At the end of the day though, I’ll admit I’m pretty grateful. While all these things were a hassle to deal with, they worked out, or will work out , fine in the end. The tire repair all ended up being free. I’m grateful for Costco’s tire policy and accountability in stripping my nut&bolt. I’m also grateful, that even if it wasn’t free, and I had to replace all 4 tires again, S and I are in a good place that this sort of emergency doesn’t stress us financially. While dealing with the car, I realized that even minor car issues are a big deal to some, and I felt very fortunate. I also feel grateful that as far as emergency calls from school go, G wasn’t physically injured and we were spared a trip to the ER. While HFMD is a royal pain, it will be over by next week and we’ll go on. S is also not gone often, and I’m just spoiled by his support, and in the grand scheme of things, everything I could handle. Even though I’ll whine about it 🙂

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