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    Foto Friday

    Ok, I have an hour left of Friday, so this counts, right?

    Tonight we got a chance to meet some mommies and kids that I’ve been following for years. It’s strange to get together with someone who you feel you know so well, yet you had never met in person before. It’s cool! Our boys played SO hard, and stayed up late, and (hopefully) had fun. Surprisingly there no tears or injuries, despite the bats, play-kitchen gear, and balls being thrown around.

    Our night tonight also gave me a glimpse of what life with triplets could be like. In a word? Terrifying 🙂

    J (of Becoming-mom fame), discovering the joy of the storage bin. It’s a storage container, laundry basket, walker, and toddler toy all in one!

    Just think… what if you had to put all 3 of these guys to bed? By yourself?

    G and J

    J and his mommy

    Look, you can get two toddlers in a bin. Sold as a package deal. We tried for three, but they wouldn’t fit.

    Fist bumps.

    J’s sweet guitar jammies

    3 responses to “Foto Friday”

    1. becoming-mom says:

      Awwww, I love these photos!! I am trying to upload the video I took to FB but it’s taking forever for some reason. I did post it on my blog today though. Thanks again for your incredible hospitality..loved meeting you guys!

    2. kari says:

      too cute 🙂

      yeah.. can you imagine three?!?! all the time?!?

      so adorable to see them playing together – what a blast!

    3. Kimberly says:

      Love these! The boys had SO much fun! Thank you both again, for dinner and for welcoming us into your home. It was great to meet all three of you… G is just too cute for words! BIG thanks to S, as well, for running A&J back to the City… it enabled my J to see his Papa for a few minutes when we arrived, which he would otherwise not have.

      Enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy… you look amazing, and it will be fun to see the pics you post after S is born… love that our boys, once again, will be SO close in age!

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