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    Foto Friday

    We spent last Saturday hanging out with Augie (Augie Chang) and his family. His kids are so sweet to G and it’s just good to hang out with everyone. We did Dim Sum for lunch. In my mind you can never have too much Dim Sum! Since Augie and I used to work together (back in the day before he decided that he was too good for the corp job gig ;p ) we used to go out for lunch a fair amount, so Augie knows all the stuff I like to eat. S on the other hand never had a desire to do Dim Sum with me, so he knows nothing about my favorite treats. So it’s just funny to have your friend say to your husband “Oh, I know what A likes”. Good thing S is not the jealous type. On the other hand, since he’s a Dim Sum newbie, he just gets to benefit from our tested taste buds.

    Anyway, in addition to some quality fun w/ the C family, we took some photos. These are G’s 1 YR pics, albeit a tad little late. Oops ;p

    G decided that day that he hated the outfit I had picked out for him. He went from Happy, “My goodness he’s so mellow” Baby to Fussy-Temper-Tantrum Child after he got dressed. He spent most of the time crying and looking like this:

    … so we had to take off his fancy duds and take some pics frolicking around in a diaper.

    In addition, now that he’s hit the Big 0-1, G’s come to the conclusion that he’s a big boy and doesn’t want to be in any pictures with his father and me. So he hogged the camera spotlight. Man, I thought being embarrassed of your parents was going to hit in his teens, but I was wrong. In most “Us” photos, G displayed the similar scrunched-up face. Sucks for me, ‘cuz our Holiday Card photo this year will probably need to be PhotoShoped to get all of us in.

    Anyway, without further adieu, some photo fun:

    One response to “Foto Friday”

    1. becoming-mom says:

      Oh my god I LOVE these. I wish I could be a fly on the wall and watch auggie work.. I could learn so much!!

      Toddlers are SOOOO challenging to shoot. A has such a huge talent that he can get great shots like these anyway..

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