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    Etsy, shmetsy! I can do it myself.

    Have you noticed the fun milestone onesies G wears for his monthly birthday photos? Well they’re no special onesies. All it is is a plain white onesie with a sticker onto it. I got these super cute stickers from an Etsy seller, pickysticky. They’re great and I highly recommend them.

    My only problem? They only go to 12 months. Yet G will change so much in how he looks over the next year and I want to continue doing the monthly sticker photo until he’s 2 (who knows, maybe even longer). So I emailed the seller asking her if she’d be able/willing to create a 12-24 batch. She wrote back saying she’ll work on it and fell off the face of the planet (as far as communication goes) since. I’ve emailed her twice, but her lack of response leads me to believe that she’s either 1) really busy, or 2) not interested. I’m not mad: she’s a mom herself. I get it. Stuff happens. I still recommend her product.

    However, I decided to give the sticker thing a shot myself. I have just enough PhotoShop skills to be dangerous, and have no issue ripping off the MS Clipart Gallery for personal use, so here goes. My version of the 12-24 stickers:

    And since I’m making them for G, I can be as G-centric as I want. For example, he’ll be 14 months over Halloween, and 16 over Christmas. I found sticker paper online and using my fancy printer managed to get the first two printed out. I’ll do the rest over time too. Am I crazy about each design? Not really, but I’m pretty happy with the first 5, which gives me time to mess around with the rest.

    So what do you think?

    5 responses to “Etsy, shmetsy! I can do it myself.”

    1. PKW says:

      LOVE them!!!

    2. Grammie says:

      They are great!!! How about a set for Mavrick

    3. cgarhart says:

      Those are really cute!

    4. SportyMrs23 says:

      Those are freaking awesome! Great job!

    5. Carolyn says:

      These are so cool. I also have the 0-12 stickers and was really bummed when she told me she didn’t have 12-24. Do you make these for others? I’d be happy to pay you 🙂 Let me know if your interested: cdg_66@msn.com

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