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    Don’t bite. Push him instead!

    On our way out the door this morning S had some parting words for G: “Remember! Don’t bite. Push him down instead!”

    No, we’re not trying to raise a bully, but late last week when we went to collect our angel from daycare Miss J told us that he attempted to bite 6 times that day. This made my blood run cold as 1) G’s never done this before (at home or at school); 2) biting is a serious offense; and 3) in some schools cause for expulsion if it can’t be resolved (and I really, REALLY like our school). Miss J said that they would keep an eye on G though and see what could possibly be provoking him to bite. Luckily it seemed to be a one day thing, since we didn’t receive any reports that he kept trying… until yesterday.

    Yesterday, G made chompers contact. So much so, that the school had to write an Ouch Report for the victimized child and we were notified too. However, Miss J, under-breath also said “I don’t blame G! The other kid was pushing G around. G tried everything else, and since he can’t talk yet, finally bit the kid and that did the trick.” So a part of me is relieved that G only bit because he was provoked, but I’m bummed he has to result to this extreme.

    Hence the encouragement from S this morning.

    I did sneak a peak at the Ouch Report file this morning. It’s out in the open, so it wasn’t all that difficult. It said “Z was pestering another child and got bit as a result.” In a way I’m glad that the parents of little Z were told that there was provocation. I’m also relieved that G’s name wasn’t  written down.

    Still, I’m not thrilled for this to keep happening. While talking would hlp, I can’t decide if a rich dictionary of words will be helpful in this case. Sure, G will be able to defend himself better (verbally), but knowing my potty mouth, and what he’ll learn from me, he’ll have some choice words to add.

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