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    Baby hugs are…

    … the best thing EVER!

    Yes, it may have taken a while to get one, but S and I were each treated to a hug from G tonight.

    G and I were playing on the living floor, when he came over to me, scooting on his knees, then stood up, stretched his arms wide and fell into me. Confused, I asked “Buddy are you giving me a hug?”, then hugged him back as he just stood there.

    It was an amazing feeling.

    Then S came down from rinsing off diapers (today was poop day galore, apparently), and G did the same thing to him.

    Yeah, after spraying down poo, a hug from your kid is a pretty good reward.

    2 responses to “Baby hugs are…”

    1. Jenifer says:

      Oh, that is the sweetest story ever. YAY!

    2. Grammie says:

      I Can’t wait to get my first hug!!!

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