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    8 months

    One of the awesome things about S2 is how his hair is coming in. He has male pattern baldness… in reverse. I suppose if you’re gonna live with that hair “loss” pattern though, I think his is the best way to go — where hair is coming in vs. out 🙂

    I also love his dimples. When he does his big baby smile, he’s got dimples. Those come from daddy.

    S2 is an excellent eater. He will routinely finish 2-3 size2 jars a day in addition to his bottles. I don’t think he’s met a food yet that he hasn’t liked, except that he’s not thrilled with the extra thick stuff. He had some thicker, oatmeal blend a few weeks back and he just gagged, so we backed off.

    This boy loves to play with his shadow. At his changing table, he loves to turn over to play with the shadow moving with him. It’s kind of funny to watch. Simple marvels, right?

    S2 discovered the joy of being on his knees this month. I was trying to put him down belly down, but he had tucked his legs under him and ended up in a table-top stance. And he LOVED it. I do my best to put him in that position as often as I can. He’s not quite strong enough, upper body wise to stay that way for awhile, but it’s his favorite these days and he tries OH so hard when he’s on his belly to get that way on his own. As it stands crawling is a ways away, and honestly I’m quite OK with this. All I wanted him to do for awhile is sit. We got sitting down. The rest can wait. S and I are scratching out heads for sure how to child-proof access to certain areas of our home from him, while letting G roam free. But that’s a whole other story.

    Weight: 17lb 15oz

    Height: 26.77″

    Favorite activity: putting things in his mouth, without prejudice

    Favorite toy: the caterpillar at daycare

    Number of teeth: 0 (although by the fussiness meter I swear we should have 4 by now)

    Sweetest moment: laughing at G when he does something (questionably) funny

    Naughtiest moment: First place (by a lot!)waking up umpteen-times a night, and not napping. Second place: bath-time splashing. Still.

    Important milestones: S2 sits on his own!

    PS. Why is it that throughout the month I think of cool things to mention in this monthly summary, and then when it actually comes time to write it, I got nothing? I mean, I can’t remember what I wanted to say. Sure, call it mommy brain, but it’s sad.

    3 responses to “8 months”

    1. Rebecca says:

      The many wake ups a night probably have a little something to do with the memory loss… at least that was always my excuse.

    2. Marianne says:

      Gah. Your monthly pictures are so stinking adorable. I think Haley’s 6-month pictures might need to be a repeat performance by A…

      I have a calendar that a friend gave me where you fill in milestones and big events as they happen so you don’t forget. So what do I do? Wait until the end of each month and then try to remember everything. Ridiculous.

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