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    22 months

    We’re 2 months away from the big 0-2. Time’s moving on and not at all taking into account that Mommy has no plans for a birthday party as of yet. Yeah, yeah, I need to get a move on. It’s almost feels a bit harder this time around. Mostly because G now has likes and preferences, and given our guest list none of them are feasible in our home.

    Now onto the G accomplishments for the month.

    Dad taught G how to shake his finger when he says “No!”. This typically goes like this: “No! No! No! No! No”, with a finger wag. Amusingly enough, however, so far he only does the finger wag when No’ing my dad… or Neko.

    G’s found a few more bed-time friends. In addition to Nubs, he loves his blanket and bed-time bears. Occasionally even his fuzzy jammies. He caries them around during the day and lays his head saying “Nigh nigh”. Picture a Charlie Brown blanket drag and toddler waddle. Too stinkin’ cute.

    You can tell he is really, really frustrated when he clenches his fists and stiffens up his whole body. S and I joke that he’s making us a diamond. Sadly none of his nappies have provided this as of yet.

    G started off this month calling both my parent Gamma. Dad was surprisingly very defensive of his title and whenever my mom pointed out the difference, he corrected her himself by calling himself Gamma. I was trying to introduce a distinction by naming him “Hairy Gamma”. Sadly by the end of our European excursion, G was properly calling Dad Gappa. The two of them really bonded on that trip and G gets really excited about Skype sessions with him.

    He is super excited about big vehicles. He loves buses, airplanes, trucks and trains… although things are either Buss, Tuck, or Ai-pine. Trains get grouped with Buses. I’m not asking why.

    This month he’s a big fan of dogs and rabbits. The dog part is a good way to keep him entertained or distracted in the car by pointing out “Doggies”. The “Bunny” obsession is courtesy of Curious George. S’ iPad has been assaulted by little toddler lips who like to kiss and point to the bunnies on the screen. This of course is accompanied by the cutest “Oooooh, Bunny!” sounds you can ever hear.

    He’s becoming really good with names. I was actually a little surprised to have him point to the pics of his daycare friends on the wall in the classroom and call them by name. He calls S and I by name occasionally too (when he gets bored of Mama and Dada).

    He adjusted to PST like a champ. I couldn’t have asked for a better or easier transition. I am so, SO grateful! Since we came home we went back to our old (old) sleep routine. No more waiting in the room with him until he falls asleep. Yes, there is some crying involved, but it typically lasts 2 minutes (I’ve timed this) and 5-10 on a bad night.

    Weight: 23lb 15oz

    Height: 31.25″

    Number of teeth: No new ones have sprouted, but I know those 2yr molars are on their way. He’s partial to soft foods (stage 3 baby food jars are huge around here come this time of the “month”) and shoving anything long enough to reach the back of his mouth in sight. A dentist appointment really is in order very, very soon. At least he’s pretty keen on having his teeth brushed, and in the last couple of weeks has gone from tolerating a tooth brushing to actually cooperating and having a good time.

    Words & Phrases: 40+ (bringing up the total tally to around 120). This month was huge on the language scale. While in Europe he was popping out a word/two a day. It was almost hard to keep track. I know I’m missing some, but here’s the list of what we tracked. He’s continuing on his trend of making simple phrases of stringing words together

    * bus
    * sip
    * stair
    * zipper
    * gasses (glasses)
    * I want
    * all right
    * pigeon
    * fountain
    * coming
    * night gamma
    * bear
    * tuck (truck)
    * kids
    * sit down mama
    * sack (snack)
    * daway (that way)
    * off
    * tank you (thank you)
    * knuckles
    * ouside (outside)
    * fifin / fifindoh (Griffin)
    * sake (snake)
    * nine
    * ten
    * sowee (sorry)
    * tucker (sticker)
    * come-ea (come here)
    * towel
    * oea
    * cap (clap)
    * booger
    * jacket
    * buggies (ants)
    * phone
    * pocket
    * Ta-Da!
    * garbage
    * bike
    * tickle
    * fork
    * poon (spoon)
    * hug
    * baby hug daddy

    Favorite food: Luitenitsa, although around our house I call it “red stuff” for both S’ and G’s benefit (mostly S’ because if I use the actual word, he’ll just ask “Huh?”). It’s a Bulgarian response to catchup. Much healthier too, might I add. It’s made with roasted peppers, and tomatoes blended really, really finely. While there is some sugar added for a touch of flavor, it’s actual sugar, not corn syrup. G was eating this stuff by the spoonful and when not sufficiently supplied just would go for it straight with his hands, scooping globs with his finger. I’d say that’s a win!

    Favorite activity: Having Mom chase me around the house yelling “No!” while I run with sharp objects. I jest. But not really. This whole terrible two’s thing is really kicking in. He loves to be read to. Blocks and balls still rule the toy bin otherwise.

    My hopes for next month: More words. I’m enjoying our “talks”

    Potty trained?: No-where close. I’m impressed with parents of children of close/younger age that are already potty training. G won’t even acknowledge what’s in his diaper, let alone indicate a forewarning of what’s to come. Instead, he’s becoming a monster while being changed and it’s become a two-person job. I’m not in a rush to potty train too much, but it would be simply awesome if I only had one child in diapers at a time.

    Naughtiest moment of the month: Yeah, the running w/ sharp objects thing. While, yes, it is our fault for accidentally forgetting to put stuff away, G’s reaction to “No! This is not a toy.” is not to drop what he’s holding, but to run off with it instead. Emphasis on the run. Then throw a major tantrum when you take it away.

    Sweetest moment of the month: Random run-by leg hugs.

    Temper tantrum meter: These last few days? Medium->high

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