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    19 months

    Our boy is fearless. Once he gets comfortable in his environment, he is all over the place. But he gets this honestly, as neither S nor I are known for conservative choices on physical safety. G is climbing and jumping from one couch to another. He’s a madman on the playground too. While I smile on this inside, I also know all the things I used to do as a child that would make my parents’ hair stand on end (hell, it makes MINE stand on end now), so I’m not thrilled to think of all the trouble he’ll be getting into.

    This past month we’ve seen a big push for self independence, and definitely a lot more talking. We now have 3 phrases, one of them containing 3 words. He sure is growing up!

    Weight: 22lb 6oz

    Height: 30.5″

    Number of teeth: 13

    Words: 15+ this month, with at least 5 in the last week
    * boh (bottle)
    * babee (baby)
    * car
    * puh (puff)
    * moon
    * fiss (fish)
    * dohdie (doggie)
    * burdie (birdie)
    * do (door)
    * geen (green)
    * cuh-kie (cookie)
    * eyes
    * apple
    * baketball (basketball)
    * pon (spoon)
    * run
    * jump
    * wee
    * yum

    Phrases & Sentences: 3
    * Geen ball (green ball)
    * I got ball
    * I run

    Favorite food: G seems to be really excited about big-people food. He’s a big fan of Indian Butter Chicken, Cashew Chicken, Oatmeal, Stawberries… The big deal is that he wants to feed himself with a spoon. He’s not nuts about self-feeding, but certainly prefers having his own spoon and being allowed to use it.

    Favorite activity: Running away from you, laughing, and saying “No” while holding onto something he shouldn’t have…. all while you chase after him in attempt to pry it out of his little fingers

    New accomplishment: Learning how to jump

    My hopes for next month: We had no progress on getting rid of the morning bottle, although to be honest, haven’t really tried. Maybe I’ll tackle this task this month.

    Potty trained?: What is this thing you call potty?

    Naughtiest moment of the month: Smacking dad in the head

    Sweetest moment of the month: Holding my hand when we go out. He’s not into hand-holding, so this is huge

    Temper tantrum meter: mild

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