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    17 months

    Every month I wonder where all that time goes. Pretty soon, we’ll have a 2 year old on our hands. I marvel at this little dude every day.

    Let’s do a survey!

    Weight: 20lb 8.8oz

    Height: I’m lame — haven’t measured him in about 2 months. He was 30″ back then though

    Number of teeth: 12, and working on adding some canines

    Words: + 4 this month (and a swap):

    • Naw (for No). Luckily we don’t hear this one too often. I’m sure in a few months though we’ll hear it more than we would ever want.
    • Boo (for Book)
    • Mama. FINALLY! Although he doesn’t use it in my presence.
    • Mo (for more)
    • swap: Ki (this now stands for Kitty)

    Favorite food: Top pick: Spaghetti… by a big, messy landslide. Runner up: eggs

    Favorite activity: First place: Swinging, and more swinging. Close second: Playing whilst on the Aeron chair

    New accomplishment: G wants to feed himself

    Potty trained?: Not even close

    Naughtiest moment of the month: Captured on video for your viewing pleasure (aka Catch me if you can).

    Sweetest moment of the month: (mine) Sitting down next to me on the raised foyer, eating a cookie and drinking milk; (S’) Giving a hug when daddy hurt his eye just ‘cuz he felt bad for him

    Temper tantrum meter: moderate

    3 responses to “17 months”

    1. Rebecca says:

      He looks so grown up in this picture! I’m feeling the same way about the 2nd birthday seeming just around the corner…

    2. maggs116 says:

      Hello there! I followed you from Ariana’s blog…I’ll be visiting more often! It is so fun to get to ‘know’ (ha) other families with children of similar ages. Your son is adorable!

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