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    16 months

    Our monkey has reached his 16 month birthday. And this time, he truly deserves the term “monkey”. His personality is really coming through, and it is that of a non-stop, mischievous, stubborn little man. All this wrapped up in an adorable 20lb package.

    G now lives with one mantra “Why walk when you can run?” His run is super cute: his big BG diape makes him swing his legs around when he runs. It’s like watching a penguin waddle in fast-forward. Don’t let that fool you though: he runs circles at home (no joke) and makes your head spin.

    Long gone are the days of silent play where S and I could just casually surf the web while he played near-by.

    He learned a new trick Christmas day: climbing on top of a box gives you a whole new range of reach. He is a few days away from dragging items across the floor with the specific intent to get up to my computer table, or climb up on the couch. Just when we got comfortable with our child-proofing setup he changed the whole game plan on us. My mom is finally getting her wish: I have birthed a mini-me. I think I know now why her hair went gray.

    Please observe the bruises on his forehead and cheek. I considered touching that up, but I kind of want to remember the stubbornness illustrated in those shiners.

    His weight is recouping from his recent cold and we think he’s hitting a growth spurt just in time for his 16m milestone. He’s eating well and being a bit more accepting of our grown-up food too (he’s crazy for scrambled eggs, by the way). I gave up on trying to make him toddler friendly meals. After spending an afternoon cooking up a storm for him, only to see him turn his nose up at everything, I asked the school to put him on the hot lunch program. It’s been great! He eats what the other kids eat (which I think is an incentive), and I have less to prep each day to send with him. Also less dishes to wash too 🙂

    So… now that I’ve talked up my mischievous, non-stop toddler, who wants to come baby-sit?

    2 responses to “16 months”

    1. Christa says:

      I can just picture him running in those diapers!!!

    2. Grammie says:

      I will always babysit

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