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    16 months

    Lookie! Another month has gone by. S2 is continuing on the path of lovable mischief.

    The little guy is now tall enough to reach the handles of most of our doors. This means a bit more free range around the house. It also, unfortunately means more access to outside the house. Our home is now on lock-down, at least more consciously so. This was after chasing him to the front door as he tried to open it, and yelling “No!” And what does he do? Turn around and laugh. At me. In my face. Little stinker is 1, and I’m getting him laughing at me when I tell him he’s in trouble. And I know he does it because he knows I think he’s cute, and I can’t help but smile at him. It took all my will-power not to crack up at him laughing at me.

    He’s also become a very picky eater. He now eats 3 things: yogurt, oatmeal and pretzel chips. Occasionally he’ll throw something else in there as a variety, but I have no idea what happened to the kid that couldn’t keep his hands out of my plate. I was really hoping this one would be the good eating one.

    Weight: 23lb, 12oz
    Height: 30.5″

    Favorite food: pretzel chips

    Favorite toy: I dunno on this one. He’s not showing a great deal of tie to any one item. He is pretty happy with our play-kitchen though and spends a lot time there.

    Number of teeth: 5

    Number of words: 6. New one is “Hi!”

    Naughtiest moment: trying to run away from home 🙂

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