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    14 months

    Oh yeah, I’m still counting. When will I stop? Nobody knows (hehe).

    Although this has been a pretty quiet month, there are three major events that are notable:

    • G’s first unsupported steps: you saw it here, Folks! He hasn’t taken off running around the house, or even tried walking on his own yet, but I know it’s only a matter of time. I don’t think the little part of his brain has clicked over to walking yet. He’s a speed demon crawling (seriously, you have to run alongside to keep up with him), so from his perspective, why wobble and fall over, when crawling gets him anywhere he wants? None-the-less, as much as people warn how nice the “non-walking” days are, I’m still looking forward to being able to stand him up. Yeah, I’ll probably be eating my words soon enough, but it kind of creeps me out to see my kid crawl on all fours on dirty ground and then lick his fingers. I’m not a germ-a-phobe, really, I’m not — but that just can’t be good for him! I get the whole “what doesn’t kill him makes him stronger” bit, but still…
    • Tantrums: holy-shmoly! G has become a very chatty kid. Yeah, he’s always babbled, but now he’s really communicative. He still only has 3 words (although is working out a few more and I’m a harsh grader), but he grunts, babbles and points his way to what he wants. And if he doesn’t get what he wants? Ugh… it’s rough. We’re talking crying, screaming, throw himself on the ground episodes. I am really wishing that those words will come out already. It’s like being a first-time parent of a newborn all over again. You don’t know what he wants and go mad checking off all the things that can make it better. Sometimes what he wants really makes sense: the toy out of reach, he’s hungry, thirsty, or just tired: for those I obviously cave in. Then there’s the stuff he can’t have: access to electronics power cords, free roam of the surround speaker system, Neko’s litter… So yeah, I want more talking and more reasoning. Right now explaining & reasoning with G is about as effective as reasoning with my coffee table — just ain’t gonna happen. Still I’m keeping at it and trying to keep my cool. At some point it will sink in… right?
    • Swimming is fun again! I’m so excited about this. G’s last two swim classes have been really fun. We kind of slacked off and didn’t go as often as we used to. Our busy schedule reduced us to 1 swim class a month (vs. the previous bi-weekly visit). G retaliated by becoming a cling-baby as soon as his toes got wet in the pool. Bath-time at home was all sorts of splashtime fun, but swim class was like attending with a Koala who clung with every tool at it’s disposal to it’s trunk (AKA daddy). In contrast the last two weeks were rad! He participated in the songs, splashed around on his own, and crawled “the plank” like a champ. He’s even mastered “Elbow-elbow-knee-knee” and throws himself into the pool (well into our arms really) off the ledge on his own. I’m hoping this version of G will stick around

    Three other minor observations:

    • G doesn’t take more than 1 nap at daycare. This drives me bonkers as it produces one mega cranky kid each evening. He comes home and crashes ’till the next day. So no baby playtime 🙁
    • G’s hair is starting to curl. It’s cute, but I’m SO ready to give him a hair-cut. S isn’t though, so I can’t cut his locks just yet.
    • No new teeth this month. None that he’s let me discover anyway.

    Now, onto 15 months 🙂

    2 responses to “14 months”

    1. Jamers says:

      Happy 14 months, G!

    2. Kimberly says:

      Cute!!! I, too continue the monthly photos. I think I’ll do it until he turns 2… my James is just a month older than your little man, so we just did 15 month pics!

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