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    13 months

    As in ‘What happened to month 12’? I’m pretty sure that my internal clock thinks its only mid-November. This last month really went by super fast. What happened? Who stole time?

    S2 spent the last month perfecting his waddle. He now maneuvers like an expert at lighting speed. He even attempted running, but that ended momentarily with a face plant. None the less, this little Speedy Gonzales is giving me a run for my money. I’m learning to pee at lightning speeds because I can’t keep him out of trouble long enough to properly use the restroom.

    S2 loves to climb. I caught him trying to scale his closet the other day. Really if anything level is at knee height or below expect him to climb it. I’m pretty sure he’s part goat, and I’m blaming gene splicing at the clinic.

    Overall though he remains a sweet, cuddly dude, who’se face lights up when he sees a loved one walk into the room.

    I am just a little bit concerned about his lack of words. I know that technically I shouldn’t because 2 years of age is when the first analysis of speech is assessed, but G had 4 words by the time he was 1, and I’m still anxiously awaiting number one. S2 HAS had several ear infections over the last 2 months and despite 3 separate antibiotic regimens in a month’s time, at his check up he STILL had fluid in his ears. We are addressing this (with yet another antibiotic) and it is improving. Dr. M suggested that his speech development is impacted by these ear infections, which of course is now making me even more paranoid about them. I think we’re another ear infection outbreak away from seeing an ear, nose and throat specialist. But here’s hoping that we’re done with the year infections for awhile.

    Onto some stats…

    Weight: 20lb 14oz

    Height: 29″

    Favorite activity: climbing

    Favorite food: Puffs, Mum Mum crankers, and recently Oh-sies (aka cheerios). Glad to see he’s expanding his repertoire 🙂

    Favorite toy: He really likes to chew on G’s (new-ish) Thomas break-down train

    Number of teeth: 2

    Naughtiest moment: sticking his hands down the toilet. Gross!!!

    Important milestones: first attempt at running

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