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    The hamburger vote

    Griffin came home from school yesterday really enthused about the upcoming election. They had covered the electoral college in his grade. Later that night he was telling Shane how their teacher exclaimed that many people choose not to vote. He didn’t understand why.¬†Shane gave Griffin an absolutely amazing explanation on why voting is important.

    (What follows is a conversation overheard in bits, but mostly relayed via Shane.)

    Shane: Ok — so imagine we are about to vote on dinner for the following night. The choices are between hamburger and pizza.
    Let’s say that YOU want pizza, and Mommy wants pizza, and I want pizza. Storm, however, wants hamburger.
    Given what you know, what do you think we’re going to have for dinner tomorrow.

    Griffin: Pizza!

    Shane: Right. Ok — so all the votes have to be in by 5pm the night of dinner.
    Now, it’s 4:30, and I’m upstairs busy, and I’m not able to come down to vote. (all voting has to be put in downstairs in the kitchen by 5pm). But I know that you’re going to vote for pizza, and Mommy is going to vote for pizza, so we’re ok even if I don’t vote.
    Meanwhile, Mommy is doing something in the kitchen, and she’s thinking “Shane is going to vote for pizza, and Griffin is going to vote for pizza, so we’re fine. I don’t need to stress it if I don’t vote.”
    You are playing basketball, and don’t want to stop just to go vote, but you know that if I vote for pizza and Mommy votes for pizza, we’re having pizza. So you don’t vote.
    Meanwhile, Storm casts his vote for hamburger.
    Guess what we’re having for dinner that night?!?!

    Griffin: (sad) Hamburger.

    Shane: That’s right. That’s why you gotta go vote!

    So… you heard it here folks. Go vote! Or you’re going to end up with hamburger for dinner.


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