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    Did you use of those tin-can thing-a-ma-dingies?

    I pre-ordered a Tesla last month. Pretty stoked about it, I told the kids I was really excited about it (… even though I won’t be seeing it for a couple of years). In response, G bust out with: “Why? Does it drive itself?”

    Me: As a matter of fact, yes — it can!
    G: Oh really? Good! Then I guess you can sit back and just relax.
    Me: Well, not really. Having a self-driving car is like being a parent. You can let it do it’s thing, but you have to watch it all the time, and be ready to jump in if there’s a problem.
    G: Well, I wish I can sit back and relax.
    Me: You’re being chauffeured around, dude. How much more sitting back and relaxing can you do?

    … and then the conversation transitioned to this

    Me: You know you guys, your life as a kid is so much different than mine was when I was your age. It’s really exciting all the things that you can do.
    Kids: [blank stare]
    Me: Like… we couldn’t record shows off TV, so if you missed a show, that was it! You couldn’t watch whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. We didn’t have cell-phones!
    G: Then what did you use for a phone? Did you use of those tin-can thing-a-ma-dingies?
    Me: No! I’m not THAT old! You had to use your phone at home. But you couldn’t take it out of the house?
    G: Why?
    Me: The cord wasn’t long enough!
    G: [Insert THIS look:]


    Damn! Maybe I *am* getting kind of old?

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