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    A 7 year old

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    There’s a 7 yr old in our home today. Yesterday I said “Enjoy your last day at school as a 6 yr old!” This growing thing: It’s all going crazy fast! … at least from my perspective. On his end I’m sure each year feels like an eternity.

    I saw him climbing up a table yesterday and just… marveled… and how he carried himself. He’s always been well coordinated, but this is just a whole new level. I just can’t believe THIS kid is so athletic. Really: anything with that involves a spherical object, he loves. Even basketball, which let’s face it, is NOT going to be this kid’s game (unless he surprises us and blackmails the height fairy in the next 10 years of his life).

    He’s a smart monkey, and has really, really good deductive skills. He likes brain puzzles, and games that involve strategy — it doesn’t take him long to start piecing moves together, and I’m really hopeful this is just the beginning for him. He kicks butt at Mancala, and is digging chess (though he mostly challenges the iPad on the latter).

    A smart monkey is sometimes a smart-mouth monkey. On the field (or off the field), this kiddo sometimes needs to keep his remarks to himself. He’s funny, though — great sense of humor, and still a bit of mischief baking in there.

    He’s still an excellent cuddle bug, and loves hearing stories about himself as a little kid.

    He’s not a morning bird, and like his daddy has to wake up the “right way” to get his day going well. Humor, quirkiness, and flattery usually get things going… in the right combination.

    In the past year he’s had three pretty big achievements: reading and riding and big-kid school. Yep, two R’s (and a something else) 🙂 In no particular order. His reading has gotten SO much better… especially over this past summer. Whereas he quit easily before, I see him trying (and doing) to read words he sees in front of him. Ever the trickster, and motivated by mischief, I tease him that reading is a BAD idea, and I should stop encouraging him to read… after all if he could read he will be able to read my secret messages. Of course this only makes him try harder. Who knew? ;p
    Also riding. Last year for his birthday, G got a pedal bike. He saw it, went “Meh!” and it hang out in our garage just about all year… until this summer, when he said he was ready. In a single go, he was pedaling away (see the video?).
    He started and kicked butt in his kinder class. I’m so proud of him! First grade is also appearing to start off great, and I’m excited.

    7 has brought on a new attitude for sure. It’s [sigh] not the best. Working on it, though.

    I seriously love this kid. Can’t imagine life without him!

    In his own words…

    What is your name?
    Do you know your full name?
    G***** R*****
    S2: G***** V R*****, silly!

    How old are you about to be?

    What is your favorite color?
    Orange and red

    Who are your best friends?
    Milo, Brayden, Kaeyur, Milad, Daedalus, Jaylen and Sam and Oli
    Well… I didn’t ask who ALL your friends were, just who were your favorite
    [I’m pretty sure he just listed the kids he played with last week]

    What’s your favorite book?
    Hmn… [long pause] The kids’ first big book of dinosaurs

    What is your favorite movie?
    Phineas & Ferb
    Well, the next question is what your favorite TV show…
    TV show? Phineas & Ferb
    So do you want to go back and change your answer on what is your favorite movie?
    Yeah, Dusty Crophopper and the fire rescue

    What is your favorite animal?
    King Cobra
    Really? Why?
    The poison, and it’s a snake
    Why do you like that it’s poisonous?
    Because I like poison
    Ok… a little disturbing

    What is your favorite food?
    Easy! Mac & Cheese! No. Indian food!

    What is your favorite shirt?
    Green. No a gray shirt
    [he’s picky about his closet, you can tell]

    What is the greatest wisdom you can share with me at age “almost 7”?
    What does that mean?
    What is the smartest thing you can tell me?
    I’m smart?
    What is the best advice you can give me?
    I don’t know!
    Can you think of anything?
    You know what you told me when you were 3?
    “Don’t eat poop!” That was pretty good advice!
    [giggles] No I didn’t!
    Yeah, yeah, you did!

    What is your favorite toy?

    What do you want to do when you grow up?
    I dunno.
    Do you have a job you want to do wen you grow up?
    Nope. I’m still thinking.


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