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    The Cheetah vs The Leopard

    We have come to the age, where G can tell us what he wants to be for Halloween. I don’t know if this is a blessing or a curse. Blessing? Hey — I can actually ask. Curse? Damn, I HAVE to ask (lest I want a pre-schooler loosing it come candy day that he’s in a costume he doesn’t like).

    So I ask, like a dutiful parent, WELL ahead of the holiday this year, thinking I’ve got time to get him whichever costume he asks for. And what does he ask to be? A cheetah! (Oh, and he wants S2 to be a ghost — more on this later) A cheetah with a hoody.

    Here I am thinking “Oh, a cheetah — there’s TONS of animal costumes all over the internets. This shouldn’t be too hard to find.” WRONG!!!

    First problem: apparently finding a “cheetah” costume is not difficult if you are a) a pre-teen girl that likes fluffy boas and sparkles; b) a post-teen girl looking to be a “sexy” cheetah, that coincidentally also likes fluffy boas and sparkles. Seeing as my son wouldn’t look appropriate in 2″ platform shoes, a patterned (very) mini skirt, and little ears, those costumes are all out.

    Problem number two: apparently people can’t tell the difference between a cheetah and a leopard. So pop quiz — did you know that the cheetah is a COMPLETELY different animal from the leopard? Really — they are! Yes, they are both of the feline family. Yes, they both have patterns, but they are totally different species. Aside from their build (one for speed, one to hide in the shadows, drag you up a tree and then eat you), their faces are different. But most importantly, their patterns are entirely different. Cheetahs? Black spots. That’s it. Think Chester Cheetah (who is wrong on so many other levels, but at least he’s got the spots right). Leopards? They have the cool rose patterns that help them hide in the shadows. Costume makers apparently can’t tell the difference, because when you actually ARE successful in finding a young child appropriate costume, (almost) everything labeled as cheetah is in fact a leopard.

    I was, however, successful in finding two age appropriate costumes:

    Exhibit A: (an actual) Cheetah costume from Animal Planet

    Exhibit B: A cheetah-labeled costume (that is really a leopard)

    I showed both to G and asked him to pick. He picked the first “because it has claws”.

    So I place an order thinking “Good — I’m settled with one child”

    … but Oh, not so fast. I receive a message from the store the very next day saying my order was cancelled because they were really out of stock. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find THAT costume? Apparently it’s nearly impossible, and I only found two other places to carry it. I called one eBay store claiming to sell it about 5 times on Friday to ask if they still have it, since they had 10 listed, that didn’t sell. I got an answering machine and no call back. I was lucky to find another online store that has a size S (ages 2-3). I bought it, and am crossing my fingers it will still work. G is just leaving the 2T size. I’m not kidding — I just pulled out his 2T shirts out of his closet yesterday. He still fits in many 2T pants. Plus if this costume is anything like the tiger from last year, the paws are not part of the pants, and he can be a cheetah that is slightly outgrowing his fur, as the pant legs looks like clam diggers 🙂 So I’m hoping, HOPING that it will fit. As a back-up I bought the leopard outfit too.

    I have learned two things:
    1) don’t ever assume you will have an easy time finding a good costume
    2) a parent could spend a credulous amount of money trying to make their child happy. I think I kind of get parents that are willing to shell out $5K on a wedding dress for their daughters (side note, REALLY glad I don’t have a daughter right now)

    Boy do I wish I was crafty and can do these on my own! However, I sewed my own finger when I was about 5. Yep – machine needle met my finger and pierced right through it, so I’m not really into needling activities. S can sew, but I doubt his “Hey I made this Kimono in intro to sewing class” skills are up to making something this intricate.

    I’m hoping the cheetah costume store will actually have it stock. I hope it will arrive in time, and I hope it will fit.

    Now… onto S2. G wants him to be a ghost. Again, I thought — “hey classic sheet over the head” costume. How hard can this be? Hahahahaha – when will I ever learn?!?!

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