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    S2’s new thing: putting on his PJ’s OVER his next-day clothes. I’m not complaining too much: he’s ready the next day in under a minute, and we don’t have any fights over which pants to wear.

    He appears to be cozy enough, though when he wears jeans underneath he looks more like the Michelin Tire dude, that anything else.

    Oh — also, for cute points, he puts on his night-time undies OVER his jeans. He clearly doesn’t get the purpose for the night-time undies, but he stays dry overnight (knock on wood), so I don’t have much to complain about. So if you’re keeping track here are the layers on his bottom (in order of proximity to body)
    1. underwear
    2. pants
    3. night-time underwear
    4. pajama bottoms

    2015-01-22 07.10.51

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