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    S2: the THREE year old!!!

    Kiddo, today you are 3. I’ve been looking at your pictures over the past year, amazed, again how much you’ve changed in just 365 days. When you snuggle up in my lap, I can’t help but think of the contrast between holding you as a newborn and today.
    I feel like I it would be unfair to call you a toddler. So much of what you are is about being a little boy.

    You love being comfortable and snuggled. With Toys, soft blankets and anything fuzzy. This extends itself to your clothing. You’ve come to dislike wearing jeans in favor of “cozy pants”. You’re all about sweats. I can’t blame you — they ARE comfy, but while you can make a potato sack look cute on you, we gotta draw the line at how many times you can wear sweats in a row.

    You like to dance. Watching you boogie by rocking back and forth makes my heart melt. Perhaps you’ll be my dancing buddy?

    You’re in your element in water. You grin from ear to ear in the pool.

    You are mischievous, but sweet… most of the time. You still tackle your brother several times a day, and you still haven’t figured out that the end result of doing that to him is a guaranteed whomp. Work on that, will ya?

    I’ve found a walking buddy in you this past summer. Our routine of bagel bites + Caillou (for you) while I walk 4 miles is pretty awesome. I enjoy the time I spend in your presence, even if it’s hard to talk.

    Potty training, I feel is still a glimmer in your eye, but I think you’re ready and know you can do it!

    Today you are 36.5″ tall and 32lb 10oz “big”.

    Here’s you in your own words:

    What is your name? Stormy Roger

    How old are you about to be? I dunno. How many fingers? [3] You’re showing me 3 fingers. Is that how old you’re going to be? Yeah. Awesome! Then I will turn 5!

    What’s your favorite color? Blue. Blue and red. And black and white… and … also gray

    Who are your best friends? Garrett and Max

    What is your favorite book? Spiderman?

    What’s your favorite song? [sings an astronat song]

    What’s your favorite movie? Huh?

    What’s your favorite TV show? Favorite TV show? Yeah, what do you like to watch on TV? Batman, yeah! You don’t watch Batman! Yeah, I do.

    What is your favorite animal? Spiderman. Spiderman isn’t an animal! [snort] Hmn… a sheep.

    What’s your favorite food? Cereal

    Do you have a favorite shirt? Yeah. Baseball. The red one or the blue one? The blue!

    Tell me something that you think is really important or wise.

    What makes you mad? I’m not mad! But when you do get mad, what gets you mad? Some people run to me, and crash, into me, and I get, then I get mad.

    What’s your favorite toy? Uhmn.. Oh! Oh my gosh! A baseball and a bat.

    What do you want to do when you grow up? I wanna be Spiderman for Halloween. That’s for Halloween. What do you want o be when you grow up? I dunno! Yeah, you have a while to figure it out.

    [vimeo https://vimeo.com/78234145]

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