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    Quiet time

    We had two very successful quiet time experiments this week w/ G. On Sat. he didn’t want to nap, so he was to stay in his room for an hour. And he did. Quietly read his books. Hooray!

    On Sunday, after pissing S off, he stayed in his room for another quiet time, since clearly there was no nap to be had with dad around. But after about 10-15 minutes his room got really, really quiet. Anyone that knows my child should by now know that complete and utter silence is rarely a good thing, so I peaked in his room. Much to my surprise, I saw this:

    That’s right. G had curled up in the rocker, with a few of his friends, and fell asleep.

    So of course, I did what any insane mom would do: I hopped over his gate, camera swinging around my neck and took pictures. He slept through the shutter going off too.

    Why not the bed? Probably because it was occupied by the rest of his friends.

    He was out for easily two hours that day. Either way, more of this please!!!

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