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    It’s for days like today

    I’m (usually) not a sappy person. I appreciate my loved ones, and things going well, but I don’t overtly PDA left and right. But these last few days, I’ve had an incredible feeling of amazement looking at my family that I can’t help but feel grateful and content.

    It’s the simple things. Like seeing the kids color on their own, peacefully, while S and I make dinner. Or the boys playing with each other. Or G asking me if everything is OK when he saw me resting after I had a tummy ache. These are things I took for granted in family life thinking they’re par for the course… not realizing you have to work to get here. The ‘parenting’ work is what gets you here. All I really want in life is to raise two caring human beings that will contribute to this world. I feel like we’re on a path to make this a reality.

    Things with G are also containing to improve. We have many more good days than bad, and when it’s bad (it’s knock on wood) it’s not nearly what it used to be a year ago.

    S2 continues to be an incredibly sweet guy. He gets excited when it’s my turn to out him down to bed, and how tight he hugs me, along with how he calls me his best friend, just fills my heart.

    A and I will be celebrating our 8 years of marriage next week. I’m shocked we’ve been married already that long. It hasn’t felt that long, which I guess is a good thing 🙂

    Are there things I could ask for? Sure! But it’s nothing I NEED, and that’s a great place to be.

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