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    In with the pink

    This is G’s new umbrella. That’s right: it’s pink, and comes complete with a pink dangling butterfly attached at the handle.

    G’s old monkey umbrella met an untimely end due to use more as a toy than an actual rain protection device. Now that rain is behind the corner, I took him to Cheeky Monkey so that this time he can pick out his own umbrella.

    As we were pointed to the bucket of options, G immediately pulled out the pink one. I’ll be honest, the sight of pink startled me at first. And i’m not ashamed to admit that it startled me because I thought “Pink is a ‘girl’ color. Would anyone make fun of him for choosing pink?” I pulled out several other ‘more manly’ options, but he was set on the pink. And you know what I realized at that moment? The discomfort that my son is choosing to sport around a pink umbrella is my problem, not his. And that I shouldn’t be passing that down. He should make the choices in his life without stupid prejudice and just be himself. And I should support him, his choices and goals based on the merit of his overall happiness. End of story.

    So our next step was choosing between the pink hippo or the pink butterfly option. He chose the butterfly.

    3 responses to “In with the pink”

    1. Sweet. If I ever have a boy, I’ll be down with a pink umbrella, too. Good for you!

    2. Rebecca says:

      Xander’s favorite color from age about 2 1/2 till 5 or so was pink, followed by purple.

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