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    G is a big fan of Hide and Seek. It’s one of his favorite games at home (next to “I Spy with My Little Eye”, which has to be said with it’s full title; and racing)

    The trick with playing this game with him, when it’s my turn to hide, is that I can’t go to the good hiding spots. I would totally hide in the bathroom or laundry room behind the door, except for the fact that my old hiding spot becomes the kids next hiding spot, and the last thing I need is for them to run off on me when I least expect it and have me loose my mind. No thanx! So instead I’m choosing the extra obvious hiding spots, you know…

    – behind the learning tower

    – behind the art easel

    – behind the black living room chair

    – under the couch side table (as S2 is demonstrating)

    – and the pièce de résistance: under a blanket behind in between our couch pillows

    As it turns out I’m apparently a pretty good “hider” because G was not able to find 3/5 of my hiding spots and had to be coached by S to find me. The hardest part on my end was to not giggle. This is actually kind of amusing, because G totally laughs when he hides (his biggest give-away), but when I’m in the same shoes it’s hard not to do the same.

    S2 on the other hand is a very good seeker. Kid must’ve been an blood hound in a former life or something. He and I joined up forces in the seeking-part. We’d count together, I’ll put him on the ground and he’d lead me straight to G. Like I said, G’s giggles may be tipping him off, but the kid is good!

    Just another week-end…

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