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    Foto Friday (Aka Train Day)

    We drive by the Caltrain tracks every day on our way to daycare. From time to time we get to the tracks right when a train is pulling up to the station. We have a little routine with G where he asks where that train is going, and based on our fortune it’s either bound North for the city, or South to San Jose (although if you ask G, every train is going South to San Franks-isco). Lately he’s been asking that “maybe sometime Daddy and Mama and S2 can all ride the train”. So we did. We had a massive tantrum on our first train day attempt, to we deferred our visit for awhile, but just like that it happened two week-ends ago.

    Going all the way into the city was risky. It’s a fair enough of a ways that G might end up being over it, and us stuck on a train with a volatile 3yr old. So we opted to go to Palo Alto instead, which was a much shorter ride. We got off, walked over to the other side of the tracks and were on another train heading home within 10 minutes. It was awesome! G was a great sport too, which made the experience pretty rad. This wasn’t his first Caltrain ride, but the first he actually remembers 🙂

    Getting tickets.

    S2 waiting, impatiently for his ride

    G wasn’t exactly sitting still either though

    Here it comes!!!

    On the train.

    G spent much of the ride resembling something like this

    And S2 like this


    Waiting for our ride home.

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