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    Foto Friday

    We were the incredibly lucky recipients of a Razor scooter for G. It has 3 wheels, it’s stable and it goes fast! Well… fast for a preschooler anyway ;p

    Behind our house, at the bottom of the canyon is the start of a mean hiking/biking trail. But before things get serious, there is a nice long run of paved roadway where we’ve been taking G a couple of times a month to ride his scooter or trike. Lemme tell you : you’ve never seen a kid petal as fast, or nap as hard at the end of that activity. We’re resorting to this now as a nap inducer. Aka Sunday morning activity, to make up for a long Saturday ;p

    Here are some pics of G having fun.

    One poopered out 3-year old

    Although he’s never too tired for mischief.

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    1. YAY! I knew he’d love it!

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