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    S2 bumped his head the gate at his bedroom this morning. He bumped his ear and crying ensured. G was gone for a little while afterward. I got tired of calling him down for breakfast, so I went up-stairs to check on him. I found him building this:

    He was covering his brother’s gate with soft stuffed toys, attached via scotch-tape so that he didn’t get hurt again. Boys. Of course — tape cures all 🙂

    He ran down to eat his French toast, and I took a photo… so S and I can “Aw!” over it. It’s really sweet to him watch out for his brother this way. Don’t get me wrong, he and S2 duke it out, Mortal Combat style several times a day. Still, he’s also attentive to his brothers’ feelings and problems and does things for him, unsolicited.

    He stands up for him, when S2 and us are having a disagreement. A few weeks back, S2 was yelling about having a “smoothie” (read “Pediasure”). S2 loves these things, and since he’s a finicky eater, we give them to him to add some more nutrients to his diet. However, there are nights where that is ALL he would want to eat, so I prefer to give him one after he’s already eaten. So here, S2 and I are having a moment, when G just yells out “Just give him one!”, grabs a little chair from their craft table, carries it over to the fridge, opens the door, grabs a bottle, walks it back to his brother and OPENS it for him. I kinda stood there, floored, he could do all this on his own. Score? Kids 1, Parents 0. I’m clearly proud for doing things for S2, but we need to cover ground rules on when he just needs to let us do the parent thing, even when he doesn’t agree with it.

    Still. Go Big Bro!

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