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    Christmas recap

    Yesterday was a good day. Long, but good. The kids slept in until almost 8 which was the big people’s Christmas miracle.

    I stayed up arranging G’s new train tracks on his train table. While it was the right presentation, the one thing S and I overlooked was the fact that the train table is visible from the second floor stairway, and as soon as G was out of his bedroom he saw it in it’s new glory. We almost had to pry him away to look at the other packages. So future lesson learned: don’t leave the big gift out on such obvious display.

    S2 had a fun day climbing on top of and into boxes and ripping paper off of packages. His favorite toys are the ones that belong to his brother. Not so much on the who possesses them part, but on the “hey — he’s playing with them, therefore I want to get in there too” part. I can really understand families that get two of everything now.

    G’s spirit kicked in and was wishing us Merry Christmas throughout the day. And at one point, as we were wrapping up dinner he said “I want to give Rayna a gift”, which made my heart feel really happy. He said he wanted to give her a crane. Since cranes are something he is really into right now I can’t tell if this is a self-serving gift, or an indication he wants to share in his most favorite toy right now. I’m gonna pretend it’s the latter.

    Our 2011 ornament

    Neko… before the craziness of awake kids kicked off.

    This year’s tree. If you noticed the yellow sticky notes on boxes and gift bags, that’s me being classy this year (and lazy). If you didn’t: well, pretend I didn’t say anything 🙂

    G’s first attack of the day: the enlarged train tracks. But wait… that’s not all

    THIS is all

    S2 couldn’t wait to start digging in there too

    We had to convince G to come into the dining room, where he spotted Cranky.

    After which he pretty much spent the rest of the day in this pose

    S and his new Chicken Joe shirt. I’m grateful for places like Cafe Press that enable shirt creation. So sad that all the merchandising around Surfs Up is no-where to be found.

    “Hey look, I see Home Depot!” – G. S2 was a fan of the tools for sure. They make great chew toys…

    And he is very safety conscious when getting into trouble. He’s sure to take the goggles with him (though wearing them is just details)

    If G wasn’t going to open any more gifts, S2 was more than happy to take over and help.

    Has anyone figured out why getting toys out of their boxes is such a pain? I’m pretty sure everything was wrapped, tied, stapled and super glued into the original packaging.

    Tiny Pteranodon needs some iron in her diet.

    Hi Grandma & Grandpa, check-out my new harness buddy.

    Mommy has to look at it too. REALLY close-up.

    This hat is a little big on S2, so I’m modeling it instead.

    The desolation after-the-fact.

    My favorite two gifts were a holiday album daycare made of S2,

    and a match-it memory game auntie K made for G. It has family photos laminated with little magnets glued on the back. So awesome!

    Merry Christmas!

    2 responses to “Christmas recap”

    1. patty says:

      Such great photos! I really love the matching game with family photos–that is so unique! I’m so glad you had a happy holiday.

    2. Kimberly says:

      Looks like a lot of fun! James also got a train table for Christmas, and he is IN. LOVE. (It’s all he could talk about for at least a month before Christmas, ever since he saw one at Costco….)

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