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    Are we there yet?

    3 years, 1 month and 25 days is how long it takes to have the following exchange:

    (1.2m away from daycare, on a 2.3m journey home…)
    G: are we there?
    Me: what?
    G: are we there yet?

    I have been formally hazed.

    One response to “Are we there yet?”

    1. Mrs.Ziggy says:

      About 6 months ago we got that one too, except it was going from Chico to Fairfield. Andrew started with it about 2 miles from the house, after 30 min Cooper was feeling left out so he chimed in too and they both kept it up all.the.way! I wanted to cut my ears off. It made me think of all those times my parents said “just you wait until you have kids”.

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