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    You know you’re a mommy when…

    A few days ago I was getting dressed following a shower. I had pulled out two nursing pads prior to me getting clean and laid them out by my clothes. There were two. I knew this because I remembered opening each one of their little plastic packages.

    Well, I came out of the shower, I put on my clothing, and I reached for my nursing pads. One… and where’s the other? I flipped the sheets around, I looked everywhere, but it was no-where to be found. After awhile, I gave up looking and just popped open another new one.

    So fast forward to today. I get out of the shower. I walk out into our bedroom in my bathrobe. S is on our bed playing with G. As I’m getting dressed I hear some giggling. At this, S says:

    “Babe — you have the nursing mom’s equivalent of toilet paper stuck to your shoe.”


    “Go in the bathroom, turn around and look in the mirror”

    So with this, I march back into the bathroom, turn so that my back is facing the mirror and look around. Stuck to my back, like an ever so blatant “Kick me!” sign, was my missing nursing pad. How I didn’t see it until today, I don’t know.

    Mystery resolved: nursing pad found. Sadly, brain still missing.

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