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    What’s the fare for a goat?

    I think I’ve mentioned by now that “The Wheels On The Bus” is G’s favorite song. Hearing it makes him smile, and in desperate times stop crying. Occasionally the verses of the song are not long enough to get him to calm down (yep, 8’s not enough even when repeated), so S and I have started adding our own. The bus now carries not only human passengers, but animal life of all kind.

    This evening, the bus was shuttling donkeys, cows, frogs, dogs, cats and sheep. Yep, we either went on a ride on Noah’s Arc, or a bus in some rural country.

    One response to “What’s the fare for a goat?”

    1. Alison says:

      Like I said to S: obviously you’re riding a bus through rural Mexico. 🙂

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